Las Vegas
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Las Vegas

On September 2004 GTA.Machine is to the net!

Machine City is a futuristic total convertion to GTA1.
It's 2 new maps, include 39 unpublished vehicles, 30 missions, new tiles, sprites... fontes and menu disign.
Using mission.ini, many surprises are include in the game (teleports, carnages, insane stunts...).

Avialable multiplayer and singleplayer game, english and french language, .gry and .g24 style.

The game take place on 2040's. Machine is a classic city of this period with modern and ghetto areas. This city is the first to use the teleport technologie, there are 4 teleports in the modern areas. A flying train go round Machine, chopper at end of game...

GTA.Machine is :Six levels avialable :
  • 2 maps
  • 6 levels
  • 30 stable missions
  • 39 unpublished vehicles
  • 9 canonballs
  • 3 deadmatch
  • Chinese Empire : 12 missions
  • Russian Empire : 12 missions
  • You're the law : 6 missions
  • Model driver : race with Model car
  • Old track : race track
  • Modern track : race track
GTA.Machine is also new disign :
  • 10 fontes for game and menus
  • 3 animated logos

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